By: Michael Morken

Gathering Data

All of the graphs shown here are only as good as the data that produced them. I got the data for all of these graphs from the Beer Advocate website. If you want more information on the web-scraping program that I wrote to harvest this data check out this repository.

Making Some Plots

Once the data had been gathered, I plotted it on a world map to see the scope of what I was woking with. The international numbers are incredibly low. What might be going on is that most of the site's users are in the US. So, the only international breweries that get reported are those that export beers to the US. Anyway, it is what it is and this is what I got.

Focusing more specifically on the US, I could break out the number of breweries in each state. California stood out as the clear winner here.

I suspected that California's dominance was due to its large population. So, I also made a plot with the per capita numbers. In this category, Vermont and West Virginia really stood out.

Finally, the city plot. This really gives a picture of where the breweries are located in the US. You can see that Portland was the winner, followed by Chicago. I imagine that the density of the bubbles on this plot would be a pretty good proxy to use to gauge the craft beer scene of an area.