Dececting Distance to Bed Rock with a GeoPhone

Dececting Distance to Bed Rock with a GeoPhone

The Geophone:

The idea and initial construction of the geophone came during an analog electronics final project that I completed with Noah Miller. After the project we continued development of the device under the supervision of Dr. James Clark and transferred the design to a PCB board that was milled. This device is exciting because it can measure the distance to bedrock. This information is incredibly useful in areas of the world that rely on wells for their water source.  This inexpensive device is a fraction of the cost of normal geological survey equipment and can help inform where to place a well so that it will not dry up in times of drought.



A quick video overviewing the project:

This project developed into a publication, that I co-authored, entitled Appropriate Technology Geophysics: inexpensive instruments for water exploration that stemmed from this project. The paper is still under review and is expected to be published in the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting volume.

The Text of the paper can be accessed here.

The current prototype of the device is pictured below:

IMG_20141103_152150904 IMG_20141103_151949350_HDR


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