Basic Raspberry Pi Weather Monitor

Full Weather Dashboard


The inspiration for this project came as a way to improve my previous attempt at monitoring the temperature of my apartment using the Electric IMP. Previously I only measured the temperature inside of the apartment and the plot had long since gone offline due to the way that the IMP was sending data to Plotly’s servers.  I also had recently purchased the new model of the Raspberry PI with extra GPIO pins and was eager to put it to work. So this project was born. I hoped to monitor the temperature AND humidity inside AND ourside of my apartment.


Because the Raspberry Pi doesn’t have an onboard analog to digital converter I decided to use a digital sensor. The Aosong AM2302 temperature and humidity sensor seemed up to the task so I got two of them. The connection to the Raspberry Pi was very straight forward and the sensors were installed, one outside my window and one inside my apartment.
(Schematic to come)


The code that I executed on the Raspberry Pi is fairly straight forward. One thing that is important to point out is that it used Plotly, a free data visualization and streaming service that is great for DIY projects like this one. Plotly makes it very easy to stream and visualize data online and it has a great python API that makes it incredibly easy to produce graphs on the Raspberry Pi.
(code to come)

Further Development

One thing that I might implement in the future is a dew point calculation. The dew point is calculated from the temperature and humidity so I don’t think that it would be to difficult to implement another stream with the dew point calculation from the outside temperature and humidity data. It would also be very fun (and a lot more involved) to try to connect an anemometer, barometric sensor, rain gauge, Luminosity sensor, and UV light sensor to the Raspberry Pi and try to figure out how to get the data uploaded to weather underground’s servers so that I could get localized predictions based on their extensive weather network.

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